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The Canadian Entertainment Industry in 2014

6 JAN 2014

It’s no secret that Canada’s entertainment industry is a booming one. We’ve come a long way from being the artistic underdog to producing some of the most acclaimed films, actors and musicians in the last few decades. 2013 was an extremely productive year for the industry, but 2014 is shaping up to be even more monstrous and huge. This great blog post by the Trebas Institute gathers some of the more exciting events that will be rocking the Canadian entertainment industry in 2014.

“The Canadian entertainment industry was exceptionally innovative and lucrative in 2013, showing some of the best and brightest talent we have to offer. Everything from music awards to film festivals had a certain allure, bringing in the best of the best and solidifying Canada’s place in the entertainment world. But, of course, there’s no sense in dwelling on the past when it comes to entertainment. We are always looking forward, searching for new frontiers and never content with resting on our laurels. With 2014 underway, we’ve rounded up the most exciting things that are headed our way this year in the entertainment industry.”

From exciting independent music festivals like North by Northeast, to giant music showcases like the Polaris Prize or Canada Music Week, Canada has no shortage of great musical talent to show off. Film buffs need not be upset, however, because Canada’s best film and documentary festivals are also coming back in a big way, never willing to be outdone. 2014 is shaping up to be a blockbuster year already.