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Canadian Automotive Sales Trends

8 APR 2014

Automotive trends are kind of like internet memes, they’ve come and gone before you’ve even had a chance to get to appreciate them. The industry moves exceptionally fast, and our increasingly connected world means that the automotive trends and the technology that motivates them are just going to keep moving faster and faster – sometimes it’s incredibly hard to keep up. If you want to make it in a rewarding career in the automotive sector, it’s exceptionally important to keep your eyes on all the happenings and start analyzing trends. By knowing if hybrids are in style or falling out of favour, or whether diesel is making a comeback, you can be ahead of the curve and get in on the ground floor of great trends. A great place to start would be to check out this latest blog post from Automotive Training Centre. It collects some of the more interesting Canadian automotive sales trends in 2014.

“Also popular in 2014 is the rising trend of ditching the concept of leasing a car. Increasingly, people are realizing that owning is the way to go – and with people still very much wary about credit, banks and the instability of the economy and automotive manufacturers, it’s not hard to see why. Owning is definitely the way to go these days, and unlike the heyday of 2007 where it was estimated that more than 600,000 leases were out on the market, these days we’re sitting at an ever-dwindling 200,000 or so – up from the 100,000 of 2009, but it’s pretty certain we’re never going to see 2007 levels of leasing again, barring some sort of miracle.”