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17 DEC 2013

Specialists in Computer Assisted Design are in high demand these days. Having become the industry standard for drafting up everything from building plans to power plant layouts, the number of companies who are searching out CAD specialists is growing by the hour. This great blog post by Digital School explores some of the exciting and innovative companies that you could be a part of with an in-depth knowledge of CAD software. It might shock you to see just how varied the list is!

“Computer Assisted Design has never been more popular than it is now. For decades, most architectural and design drafting had to be done by hand, but thanks to the increasing popularity of Computer Assisted Design, digital drafting has become the industry standards. Any architecture training will include a heavy emphasis on CAD software, and most digital and design colleges now offer a wide range of CAD courses online, as well. The world of careers that awaits you as a CAD specialist is not only vast and lucrative, but extremely varied. Anything from designing auto parts to ensuring that books get shipped on time.”

The preconceived notion is that the only thing you can do as a CAD specialist is work on plans for something dull like storage containers, or work for a giant faceless firm. However, as you’ll see from the list compiled here, that couldn’t be any further from the truth. The world of CAD is becoming more vibrant and exciting by the day.