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CAD Career Opportunities

3 DEC 2013

Check out this blog post from Digital School about the latest trends in engineering CAD careers. Not only does it show you how to get a foot in the door in the realm of designing and creating using Computer Assisted Design, but it’ll show you some great career opportunities that you may not have known about. It’s hard to believe that careers like interior design or building skyscrapers are possible with knowledge of CAD:

Whether you want your buildings to rise high and scrape the sky or lay low with sustainable and environmentally friendly designs, a specialization towards architecture and CAD could make your monumental dreams of buildings and monuments a reality. You could be at the forefront of designing the next in avant-garde architecture, enthralling audiences and shocking the world. Or, if you prefer to stay more subdued, you can get involved in the growing trend of green buildings and sustainable architecture and do the world a favour by reducing carbon emissions and implementing ideas like permaculture and urban gardening into city buildings.”

It’s crazy to think that some hard work ethic and intricate knowledge of a software could have you designing the next Empire State Building, but that’s the truth! It doesn’t stop there either; there are ton of wild career opportunities that you never would have believed!