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8 APR 2013
Career Path : Accounting

When you are an employee at a company and you are looking to grow, there are many ways you could do it. Although many people decide to move their career forward by looking elsewhere for a new job, it might be worth your while to consider internal growth. Unfortunately, when your employer has gotten used to your loyalty and dependability to the point of thinking you are perfect for the role you are in, jumping up the ladder means changing how they perceive you. One part of the climb is changing the skill set you bring to the negotiation table, whether that means more business training or IT training.


If you want a raise or a promotion, don’t tell your employer explicitly that you must have a raise in a way that suggests it’s a deal breaker, unless you’re already prepared to leave. Instead, work out the conditions under which they would consider promoting you. This will give you the tools to discover if they think you’re management material without putting them on the spot. If you play your cards right you can even get your company invested into your success, which could mean paid accounting training or some such.


Keep in mind that some programs actually need an employer’s sponsorship. You can usually only get into these programs if you have your employer signing off on it, and they’re priced as a corporate investment.  Certain things, such as management courses that give you advanced business training, are usually achieved as a matter of mutual growth. Meanwhile, in IT training a lot of the skill building is assumed to be an ongoing project. Technology evolves, and you will spend the rest of your career taking classes and gaining certifications until you pass onto management.


Employee sponsorship is also a good way of achieving despite a non-traditional background. If you’ve built up a reputation for reliability, but you don’t necessarily have the education credentials that your employer would usually expect, you can still get a promotion to a position you wouldn’t otherwise be qualified for by working in a dedicated fashion and gradually adopting the duties of the role. For example if you get hired as an administrative assistant with only a high school education, and gradually move into bookkeeping, cement your position and protect your future employability by encouraging the company to get you accounting training.


After some tenure with them, they’ll know you’re invested enough into the company you’re a safe bet, and not liable to take the time and effort they put into training you and then give it to another company. Whether or not you sign a contract and commit to the company, if you discuss with your employer about further training it can be the start of great things.

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