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Business Opportunities in the Nation’s Capital

14 APR 2014
Career Path : Administration

These days, it’s hard to argue that the economy is doing very well – we’ve been hit with a huge downturn and a recession over the last decade, and even now, as a country, we’re struggling to get back to where we were. The secret is to find the little pockets in Canada where things are going well, where there is a job boom or where there are great opportunities for people to start businesses or relocate their existing businesses there. One such place is smack dab in the middle of the country in our nation’s capital – Ottawa. Taking business management classes at one of the many great colleges in Ottawa, like Herzing College, is a great way to prepare yourself for a rewarding career doing what you love. Check out their blog post on business opportunities in the nation’s capital!

“Watson has pointed out that Quebec’s 400th year celebration brought in over “$400 million in local economic spinoffs,” according to an Ottawa Business Journal article, and he hopes to see Ottawa’s celebrations draw a 20 percent increase in tourism. Because of this, the mayor is urging more and more businesses to start up or relocate to Ottawa before the tourism deluge, to ensure that the massive influx of tourism has the highest benefit for everyone.

Because of this, initiatives like Invest Ottawa are offering help for those wanting to start a business. Everything from start-up acceleration programs, business mentorship and advice and even funding and financing guidance.”