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Building a Small Business Sales Strategy

17 JUN 2013
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Keeping your business profitable requires a solid sales strategy. Here are some tips you can use to increase your sales success, whether you’re establishing a sales strategy for the first time or want to improve the one you’re already using.


Understand the Current Business Environment 
The Internet — especially social media — has dramatically changed the business environment. Today’s customers can choose their media in ways never imagined a decade ago. Today’s marketing is less about traditional commercials (which provide one-way communication with a wide audience) and more about building relationships with customers. Since a single bad review on a website can damage your company’s reputation, building customer trust and resolving complaints is also more important than ever before and must be integrated into your sales management.


Set Good Goals 
Many businesses under-perform in sales because they don’t set good sales goals. In order to be effective, sales goals (like all business goals) need to be specific, realistic, to include deadlines, to be relevant to the company’s mission and core values, and which can be tracked to determine progress.


Leverage Your Unique Small Business Advantages 
Though it often seems the market is dominated by giant corporations, small businesses have unique advantages in today’s economy. Because they have a smaller customer base, you have the ability to provide personalized service to their customers. Also, today’s customers often want to work with local businesses located within their own communities.


Seek Out Deals from Existing Customers 
Many small business sales teams focus exclusively on building a larger customer base. While reaching out to new customers is important, existing customers often provide new sales opportunities as well. One of the best ways to cultivate new sales from existing customers is to understand them. Speak to those who use your product on a regular basis, find out what their days are like, ask about the problems they encounter. Then, you’ll be able to suggest new products to meet their needs.


Use Social Media to Communicate with Customers and Build Relationships 
As previously stated, today’s market is all about building relationships with customers. Social media outlets are one of the best ways to do that. In less time than you think, you can actually become a trusted advisor for your customer base. To do this, focus on contributing to industry conversation rather than simply promoting yourself or your products. Join discussion groups, ask questions, and use calls-to-action to generate conversation. You might also blog, another way to connect with people to make part of your sales management planning sessions.


Final Thoughts
The decline of traditional media advertising due to on-demand entertainment has intimated many small business sales professional, but it doesn’t have too. Small businesses are in the position to provide service big corporations can’t. By building relationships, both in person and through the Internet, you can create a winning plan and propagate it in your sales strategy training.

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