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Building your Portfolio

25 NOV 2013

Building your portfolio can be tricky. What do you include, and more importantly what do you leave out? This great blog post from the Academy of Learning College shows you some great tips and tricks for building a great, creative and enticing portfolio. There are some great little ideas here that will turn your bland and boring portfolio into something that any employer will be impressed by.

“A portfolio shouldn’t just be a collection of work you’ve done, it should also be a way for employers to get to know you. While it may seem like you should remain professional and avoid putting too much of yourself into the portfolio you’re building, there’s nothing more boring than a bland, lifeless portfolio. Even if it’s something like applying to business school, you’d be surprised how much further a creative portfolio that shows you personality will get you as compared to a bland, strictly professional one. If you have a creative side, let it show. You’re not just a collection of work, so why present yourself as such? Include some of your creative or personal work, let them see that you’re not just a name.”

It’s incredibly important not only to show the quality of your work, but also the range. The more flexible and adaptive you prove yourself to be, the more interested employers will be. Like the blog post says, it’s often quality over quantity, so don’t feel the need to stuff everything you can into a portfolio just so it looks like you’ve done everything. Sometimes less is more.