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Build your Leadership Skills: Get involved with clubs at John Cabot University

25 MAR 2014

To find yourself in a rewarding career these days, you’ll need a variety of skills to show that you’re a hardworking, professional person. Unless you want to find yourself in the fast food business, that often means you’re going to have to brush up on your leadership skills. Having leadership skills is important because not only does it show employers that you’re ready for any task, but it actually will make you ready to assume a role delegating tasks and managing people when the time comes, ensuring you don’t end up in a managerial role with no idea how to fulfill it. John Cabot University suggests joining clubs to help strengthen your leadership skills and build confidence. They offer a wide range of clubs – everything from clubs focused on investment to a student newspaper. Check out their latest blog post for more information on how joining clubs can help you build leadership skills.

The Investment Club

The Investment Club at John Cabot University serves to help students gain practical skills and fundamental knowledge in the area of financial investment. Their mission is to “provide John Cabot students a bridge between the theory of business, economics, and finance, and the real world of investing and trading.” This is done through organized trips to financial centres, weekly meetings that focus on investment strategy and financial knowledge, and through intergroup discussions. Students will develop an excellent handle on the ins and outs of business finances, as well as accounting, stock trading and much more.”