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Broaden Your Education and Your Perspective by Studying Abroad

3 MAR 2014
Career Path : Study Abroad

If all you know of the world is your home town or your college campus, you’re missing out on an understanding of other parts of the world, and equally important, how the rest of the word views you.

If you’re fortunate enough to have traveled abroad with your family, you at least have a limited snapshot of a world steeped in history that has contributed to the foundation of what you know as day-to-day life. But, your brief vacations have offered little more than a postcard edition of whichever country you’ve visited.

To truly learn about another country, one needs to live among its people, eat the food, learn the language, touch the buildings and feel its religious roots. It’s an education not available in books or through online courses. You’ve got to be there.

Studying abroad in Rome, the Eternal City, surrounds you with 2,000 years of history.

  • Stand beside the most famous historic site in Rome, the Colosseum—an iconic symbol of the Roman Empire. Listen for the ancient sounds of the gladiators, criminals and lions fighting for their lives.
  • Walk along the banks of the Tiber River, over which the Veientine Wars were fought in the 5th century B.C.
  • Visit the Trevi Fountain and toss in a coin to assure your return to Rome.
  • Make a list of the catacombs, temples, arches and museums. There are so many, you’ll be lucky to get to the end before you leave.
  • Marvel at the Pantheon, a monumental engineering feat that is a testament to the technical expertise of the Roman Empire.
  • Let the Vatican Museum, St Peter’s Basilica, and Michelangelo’s masterpiece, the Sistine Chapel’s frescoes, sweep you off your feet.

But, you’ll be at a university in Rome for an education too.

  • You’ll form friendships and future business contacts that will last a lifetime.
  • If you attend an American-style English university, you’ll learn in English, but you’ll pick up the language from the locals as you visit the cities and the villages close by.
  • You can take courses on Renaissance art in the place where the Renaissance began.
  • You can continue with your liberal arts course of study with credits that transfer easily to U.S. universities.

You’ll be a different person at the end of your experience, and that’s a good thing.
You’ll look back at the innocent, maybe fearful, person you were when you stepped off the plane in Rome, and see the walls that shielded you have begun to crumble. A new thirst for knowledge and adventure will keep you drinking from the cup of first-hand experiences.

All that you will learn, both at the university in Rome and from the Italian people and their heritage, will enrich your life in thought, word and deed.

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