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Breaking the Budget: Luxury Hotels and the Allure of Exclusivity

26 NOV 2013
Career Path : Hospitality

This week the Canadian Tourism College blog profiles 3 of the most luxurious, expensive hotels in Canada. Located in British Columbia, Alberta, and Quebec, these extraordinary destinations provide guests with celebrity-style accommodations and accoutrements. Even hotels in urban centers, without the advantage of natural vistas, manage to convince guests that a suite should cost over $2,000 a night:

“Now we head to the city for a distinctly urban experience at Montreal’s W Hotel. The focus here is on chic luxury: traditional rooms are replaced by modern lofts and the city itself is a playground for guests to explore. 

  • The Extreme Wow Suite (loft) starts at $2,499 a night
  • Guests receive free champagne upon arrival
  • Special extras include the Whatever/Wherever service – the concierge will arrange for unique activities in the city or special services within the hotel…whatever your heart desires!”

 But will these lavish hotels survive economic downturns and increasing periods of financial instability? The economic crash of 2008, from which the global economy is still recovering, serves as a stark reminder of just how quickly cash flow can evaporate. Large scale luxury operations like the W Hotel are incredibly expensive to run and maintain. According to the blog post, Luxury Hotels and the Allure of Exclusivity, with tourists less willing to part with their cash, super-resorts may need to restructure their business models and reduce their over-the-top price tags.