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Breaking Into the Automotive Field For Women

12 JUL 2013
Career Path : Automotive

The playing field is opening up and becoming a very level place for both genders as more and more women join the ranks of previously male-dominated professions such as auto careers. The role of Automotive Service Technician has a long history of being an exclusively male profession, but opportunities for women are increasingly abundant these days as private mechanic shops and car dealership repair centers both seek to diversify their staff. A woman looking to enter the automotive field will find no shortage of jobs waiting for her upon graduation.

It can still be an uphill climb for women in male dominated fields however. Female mechanics have reported opposition and resistance from their male counterparts, but this is fading as the older generation retires and makes room for a modern workforce that is not as set on traditional gender roles. The auto profession is realizing that women offer every bit as valuable of contributions as men, and even bring a fresh perspective that offers much needed balance. Automotive technology has also advanced to the point that much of the work of an Automotive Service Technician relies on interpreting computer data to troubleshoot and solve car problems, providing an intellectual element to a traditionally physical job.

It is also very exciting to be a pioneer blazing the trail for other women thinking to pursue auto careers. As more women follow their dreams and enter the automotive field, acceptance and normalization will be the natural by products. Opportunities in the automotive industry are also growing at a record pace. Automotive technology has grown by leaps and bounds, with new computer technologies, advanced materials, and superior engineering being introduced every year. This means that new options for advancement and specialization occur all the time, and procuring the right certifications for these ever more complex systems means increased opportunities and greater earning potential.

Auto careers attract all kinds of people, from car enthusiasts looking to devote their life to their passion, to those who love to work out a puzzle, as well as being a great choice for those who don’t want to be stuck behind a desk. Working on cars keeps you physically active, mentally engaged, and allows you to meet others who share your passion for the automobile. You can also make your way in one of many specialty fields in the auto industry from engine or brake work to auto body repair. There is no shortage of opportunities in the automotive field, as cars will always need to be maintained and repaired, and women will find ample opportunities wherever they wish as garages look to diversify their staff and tap into the vast potential of a balanced workforce, as an automotive service technician or any other role they choose.

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