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Break Down the Cost of Your Financial Dream to Help Achieve It

9 APR 2014

1280px-Backpacking_in_Grand_Teton_NP-NPSIf you’ve ever felt that your dreams are impossible or destined to remain dreams, this article by Lifehacker will give you a great pep talk that might set you back on the right track. By breaking down the cost of your financial dream and what you could be doing right now to achieve it, even if it seems farfatched or still a long way off, you take a positive step towards it, which creates momentum.

“Most of us have big dreams. But maybe your dream is so expensive, you think it’s impossible. With some planning, it might be more attainable than you think. Sean Kim of Ask Men suggests breaking down your dream into numbers. Kim uses his own dream of backpacking in Southeast Asia for three months as an example. He calculates the cost of flight, travel insurance, accommodations and more. Then, he figures out how long it will take him to save. After doing the math, Kim suggests you write down the immediate steps to take today, tomorrow and in the next few weeks to accomplish your dream.

Overall, the main point is taking action and making your dream available. Once you start moving, Kim says, your momentum can surprise you. Of course, if you have an especially wild dream—owning your own country, for example, it’s probably going to take a little more than number crunching.

But for those dreams that seem just out of reach, get started by breaking them down. Then, make small, attainable goals in the right direction. For more of Kim’s advice, check out his full post.”

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