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Break Into the Business World With an Accounting Clerk Diploma

9 JAN 2013
Career Path : Accounting

If you love numbers, enjoy working with computers, and are interested in breaking into Toronto’s growing business world, you may want to consider entering the field of accounting. One of the best ways to enter this field is by enrolling in an Accounting Clerk Diploma program at a local career college.

Accounting Clerk Diploma Programs train students to become immediately employable in a variety of positions, including Payroll Clerks, Accounts Payable Clerks, Accounts Receivable Clerks, Inventory Clerks, and Cost Clerks. Graduates also have the option of working for different kinds of organizations, from small private companies, to public organizations, multi-billion dollar corporations, and governmental agencies.

The critical nature of clerks in accounting departments – and the simple fact that the great majority of companies need accounting clerks to manage their businesses – means that the job market is always attractive for Accounting Clerk Diploma Program graduates. This is especially true in large urban markets with strong business communities. Furthermore, although most graduates will enter the workforce via junior roles, dedicated and ambitious accounting clerks can move up the ladder if they are willing to apply their talents.

Because it is comprehensive in nature, an Accounting Clerk Diploma Program is typically 25 weeks in length. This ensures that graduates are well prepared to enter the work-world once they complete their studies. It also means that students can expect to go from the classroom to the workforce in a relatively short period of time – a very attractive feature for many people. Instruction is typically given by teachers with many years of accounting experience, and students are encouraged to ask questions to further their understanding of the discipline. Topics covered in the program are similar for all schools in Ontario, and include the following:

  • How to compute pay by subtracting federal and state taxes
  • How to calculate contributions to insurance
  • Determining retirement and saving plans amounts
  • Analyzing data
  • Basic bookkeeping skills
  • Payroll compliance legislation
  • Computing business trends
  • Analyzing and coordinating accounts receivables and accounts payables
  • Analyzing and coordinating inventory
  • Analyzing and coordinating cost reporting

In today’s world, computers are an increasingly necessary tool, and this is no truer than with Accounting Clerks. Accounting Clerk Diploma Programs cover software systems in great detail, ensuring that students graduate with a high degree of accounting software comfort. Students can also expect to learn common word processing, spreadsheet, and slide presentation software, as well as more specialized accounting software such as ACCPAC and Quickbooks pro.

If you love business, want to break into the business world, and are interested in holding an important position with responsibility within an organization, consider enrolling in an Accounting Clerk Diploma Program. It just may be the right move for you.

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