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Is “Boyish” Behavior Being Frowned Upon in Schools?

22 MAY 2014

If you’ve been following education news and school news, you might have heard about the policies schools are adopting that are very anti-aggressive. Several educational articles as well as a recent video released by Prager University, suggest that the grade school system is favouring typical “girlish” behaviour over boys’ behaviour. In this video, American Enterprise Institute scholar Christina Hoff Sommers warns that if schools continue to be “feelings centered”, “competition free”, and “sedentary”, boys will lose interest because their needs are not being met. The cause of this reaction to boys’ behaviour could be attributed to the many horrifying shootings that have happened in high schools and elementary schools over the last twenty years.  It’s a possibility that the fear of this kind of extreme violence has caused schools to eliminate any aggressive behaviour all together. Whatever the cause may be, this video will definitely give you something to think about.

Do you agree with Christina Hoff Sommers’ view on gender favouritism at school?