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Get Ahead Of the Books: Preparing For a Course in Accounting

10 JAN 2014
Career Path : Accounting

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The Academy Of Learning Alberta offers some encouraging and fun ways to test out your basic accounting and bookkeeping skills while also helping to prepare one for a full-time course. They suggest this in their blog by practicing with your own accounts, for example

 Take into account the money you have made plus holiday bonuses, expenses on gifts, travel and leisure, credit and other debt, and finally, your own savings plans. Get a simple understanding of the basics of accounting like accounts payable, receivable, etc. Practice making your own ledgers, and add unexpected expenses to get used to adjustments. You may not get it right at first, but you will highlight your strengths and weaknesses which will give you focus when beginning your accounting courses.

 By stressing the connection between having a good handle on your own accounts and finances with a strong understanding of accounting and bookkeeping in general, one will gain a real practical knowledge and familiarity with the industry as a whole, and offer a head start in the various subjects included in accounting training programs.