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Biggest Automotive Flops

17 MAR 2014

With all of the incredibly beautiful and dependable cars on the market these days, it’s sometimes very easy to forget about the cars that didn’t quite cut it – the ones that tried admirably, but failed miserably. In the world of automobiles, being a commercial failure is something of an art. When cars fail, they fail big – almost monumentally. Maybe it’s because the automotive world is so heavily publicized that these fails achieve infamy and notoriety, or maybe it’s a bit of revelling in someone else’s disaster. Whatever the case may be, there have been a wealth of incredibly failures in the automotive industry that warrant some second looks. Automotive Training Centre has a great blog post up that looks at some of the more entertaining automotive flops of the last couples of decades – from cars that had the tendency to explode when hit to cars that were just plain ugly, check it out!

“Kind of the holy grail of automotive failures, the Ford Pinto was an accident waiting to happen. Released in 1970 to a wave of curiosity, and then horror, the Pinto was Ford’s answer to a tiny, efficient car. However, it was also notoriously badly built, prone to the doors locking up, and it had the gas tank located terrifyingly close to the rear bumper. In essence, it was a death trap on wheels. The thing was a nightmare for the auto technician, and people just starting on an auto mechanic apprenticeship feared them more than death.”