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Big Pharma Drug Hunters Join Forces with Academic Researchers

12 DEC 2013

This week, the APPS blog reveals the winners of the GlaxoSmithKline Discovery Fast Track Competition for drug research. According the blog post, Big Pharma Drug Hunters Join Forces with Academic Researchers, the industry giant is looking beyond the members of its own R&D team for innovative new ideas. Having recently tallied the results and published a list of the chosen applicants, GSK announced that

The winning projects showed innovative insight into a range of unmet medical needs, including antibiotics resistance, diseases of the developing world and certain cancer types.

According to Pearl Huang, Global Head of DPAc, “The quality of the entries, from some of the top research organizations in North America, was exceptional. We believe the winning projects represent groundbreaking research concepts that could help to bring transformative treatments to patients.” In addition to discovering new therapies, the contest provides inspiration to students currently enrolled in pharmaceutical courses who aspire to make their own groundbreaking contributions to medical science.

The collaboration between Big Pharma and academic researchers heralds new possibilities for patients suffering from incurable disease. Recent biotech discoveries point toward the customization of drug therapies, an increase in more highly effective treatments with fewer side-effects. The GSK contest promises to reward this type of cutting-edge research by lending its expertise and resources to up-and-coming talent – accelerating the journey from theoretical thesis to tangible medical solutions.