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The Best Pizza In Rome – Where to Go

18 FEB 2014
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It’s no secret that the Italians do pizza right – they invented it, after all! But the pizza found in Italy is vastly different from what us North Americans consider to be pizza, and in fact, pizza from different parts of Italy is wildly different from pizza in other parts. A pizza from Naples is going to be much different than a pizza from Rome. Even so, the styles of pizza in the wonderful, vibrant city of Rome vary greatly even restaurant to restaurant. So how do you know what to choose? Well here are just some of the great pizza places you can find in Rome, as well a bit about what makes them so special.

Get to Know Your Pizza

In Rome, there are actually three distinct kinds of pizza, so you should be familiar with all three and what they are before embarking on a pizza pilgrimage.

Pizza a taglio is sheet pizza, mostly sold in bakeries and small stores. It’s sold by weight and has a variety of toppings. It’s an Italian alternative to the “slice” culture that we have in North America.

Pizza bianca or “white pizza” is pizza dough baked in an oven in sheet form, slathered in garlic, olive oil, herbs and a bit of salt. Eaten as streetfood, pizza Bianca is served hot and meant to be eaten right away.

Pizza in Rome usually consists of small, single serving round pizzas cooked over a wood-fire. This is the traditional form of pizza and still the most enduring form of the deliciously cheesy food.

Great Pizza Places in Rome

In the Trastevere neighborhood you’ll find Ai Marmi, a wonderfully decorated and tiny pizzeria that looks like it hasn’t changed since the 1950s. Great authentic Roman style pizza, and friendly family-style service. It’s often busy, but the turnover rate is pretty high so you won’t have to wait too long for a table.

A bit out of the way up in Monteverde, but well worth it, Gatta Mangiona is often heralded as the best pizza in Rome. With a variety of amazing and off-the wall toppings like pumpkin, herring or gorgonzola, this pizza place is well worth the trek. They have an impressive beer list to boot!

Certainly the most famous pizza place in Rome is Pizzarium, offering all varieties of delicious pizza a taglio for your snacking and dining pleasure. The pizza choices are seasonal and often whipped up on a whim, so you’re never really sure what choices you’ll have. Mysterious and delicious.

Finally, the celebrated Sforno, out in Tuscolana, is also frequently referred to as Rome’s best pizza. Thick and fluffy crusts adorn all manner of beautiful pizzas, from one with mozzarella, stilton and a port reduction to a classic neopolitana that’s covered in anchovies. It’s a bit out of the way in the suburbs, but international students in Italy should take the opportunity to explore and get rewarded by the some of the most authentic Roman style pizza there is.

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