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Three Benefits to Becoming a Long-Haul Truck Driver

7 MAR 2014
Career Path : Transport Operations Specialist

Long haul truckers are transportation professionals who convey goods over long distances. The ability to work in this type of capacity calls for more than simply the ability to drive a rig. Successfully completing an approved training program paves the way for getting the most from this career choice. While the benefits associated with long haul trucking are many, here are three examples.

The Chance to See New Things

Many types of work call for being in the same place day in and day out. There is little to no change in the routine and certainly no opportunity to see anything different, unless you have the walls of your office or cubicle painted. Truckers enjoy the benefit of being able to take to the open road and see what is going on in the world.

With this career option, every day is different. On the one hand, you do have your rig that usually comes complete with a sleeper. Some days you are spending a lot of time navigating through cities in order to deliver needed goods. At other times, you are able to enjoy long expanses of highways that run through all sorts of landscapes. The bottom line is that you don’t have the chance to be bored with the view.

Meeting New People

Once you complete one of the many courses in transport training Canada offers, it will be time to get your first assignment and take to the open road. As you go about the task of traveling to your intended destination, there is the opportunity to meet all sorts of people along the way. Truckers tend to be friendly people who like to socialize after being alone on the road for most of the day. Assuming that you run a few routes on a regular basis, the chance to strike up some friendships is very good.

You will enjoy getting to know the servers at some of your favorite diners and truck stops. They in turn will recognize you and call you by name. Other truckers who stop at those same venues will also become familiar. Before you know it, you will look forward to stopping at a certain truck stop or diner, simply because you know that there is a good chance one of your new buddies will also be coming through shortly.

Earnings and Other Benefits

There is no doubt that your transport training will pay off in the form of competitive earnings and access to a number of benefits. Along with making a decent wage while you work, there is often the opportunity to accrue paid vacation and sick time. Many transportation companies also offer their long-haul drivers the opportunity to participate in different types of retirement plans. Best of all, working for a long haul provider also means that you have access to highly trained repair specialists.

If you think that long haul trucking is right for you, look into training opportunities today. Once you have the right training and certification under your belt, finding work won’t be hard to do.

Visit the Canadian Automotive and Trucking Institute for more information on the transport training Canada offers.