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Beer and Piano Face-offs – Oakville’s Most Underrated Tourist Attractions

13 JUL 2012
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The challenge of visiting a small town comes with trying to avoid the typical tourist attractions for the sake of discovering under-rated local gems. In regards to Oakville, it becomes quite easy to be charmed by the downtown streets and the widespread park trails that border the scenic waterway. In such a quaint and calming atmosphere, it can be difficult to want to discover anything more.

But look you must! I understand that people who visit or live in Oakville do so because it is a nice middle ground between rural and urban life. On any given day throughout the year you can spend an evening at a full-blown street festival only to then opt to walk home on foot by way of an open garden trail.  While Oakville offers this balanced mix of youthful joviality and domestic leisure, many visitors tend to assume that the latter is all the town has to offer. But this is a severe untruth. Case in point: beer and pianos. Confused? Here, let’s take a closer look.


Brewery Tour


You can easily spend an afternoon or evening in Oakville by grabbing a pint with a few friends. But truthfully, you can do that pretty much anywhere. Instead, why not go for the real deal by taking a tour of a local brewery? Oakville is home to Cameron’s Brewing Company, which  started more than fifteen years ago with the intention of putting Ontario onto the craft beer map. Now boasting more than forty brewing awards, Cameron’s is increasingly known for the excellent quality of their beer and their dedication to local production practices.


The cost of a tour of Cameron’s Brewery is pretty much the same as a pint. It’s a no brainer.


Piano Face-off


Wait a second…piano what? Don’t worry, I was confused the first time I heard about it too. More commonly known as ‘dueling pianos’ this musical phenomenon offers a one-of-a-kind musical experience that is extremely entertaining. Much like the name suggests, dueling piano is a type of musical performance where two pianists go head to head in a playfully yet competitive manner, showcasing their virtuosity and improvisation skills. The people in Oakville enjoy this so much that they are offered a performance every Saturday night at Entertainment Central on Dundas Street East. If you happen to be passing through Oakville over a weekend, be sure to stop by to see Dueling Pianos to  experience musical madness.


All of the Oakville locals reading this now know just how good the performance is. In fact, many people have booked the dueling piano players for special events. If you have ever been to an Oakville wedding that featured dueling piano players, you’ll know just how much they up the ante of any party. Guests jump out of their seats and dive onto the dance floor as the performers hype up the place and keep the tempo high.


Truthfully, Cameron’s and Dueling Pianos would make a great combination for any wedding in Oakville. You can use Cameron’s Brewery as your location for the wedding photos, and invite the pianists to be your musical entertainment for the evening. Beer and musical comedy. Your guests will love you.

Now that you have two new places on your Things-to-do-in-Oakville list, you have no excuse of doing the same thing or going to the same places as you always do. Explore, and enjoy!


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