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Beat The Challenge of An Auto Mechanic Apprenticeship

25 JUN 2013
Career Path : Automotive

Surviving an auto mechanic apprenticeship means making sure you are informed about all the potential challenges and difficulties that you might face in the process of completing a very lengthy certification process.

In the first place, it is generally a profession that requires manual dexterity and a willingness to get dirty. Consider it a badge of honour to have oil traces under your fingernails. Practically, however, make sure you’re prepared for the physical nature of the work.

Auto technician training requires lots of physical work, bending, lifting and crawling. Of course a good auto mechanic school helps make allowances for the physically disabled, but make sure you are in the best shape for the limits of your body.

You will also need to accept certain appearance requirements. Short nails, hair kept out of your face (if you have long straggly hair, a hair net can preserve your style without getting you wrapped up in auto parts) and solidly constructed, anti-slip steel toe boots are your friend. Keep jewelry to a minimum: leave your watch in your locker, along with any rings and bracelets. If you must wear something around your neck, like a religious token, make sure it’s kept safely tucked inside your coverall. Lastly, long sleeves are simply much more practical than short sleeves, as is leg coverings. Bare skin is asking to get burned, cut, bruised or abraded.

Additionally, follow proper safety gear regulations. Wear a re-breather to paint, and save your eyes with a good mask while you weld. Goggles, for certain jobs, are also a must. Lastly, no matter how tough you want to seem, use safety harnesses and lifting aids as applicable. Nobody is tough with a bad back.

You will also want to be ready to commit to long hours of hard work. Finishing auto technician training can take eight years to a decade. Thankfully once you finish up at auto mechanic school the next steps in a trades certification program are generally paid, but you will also usually be committed to one geographic location until you pass a series of rigorous exams.

However, if you’re up to it, the training can be extremely rewarding in its own right. Not only are people who finish an auto mechanic apprenticeship paid extremely well, but in every job you do, you can be immensely satisfied at your hard work. Every car or truck you fix will be a job well done, and you can be happy knowing you have developed an invaluable skill set. And, in order to make the journey, chances are you will be the sort of person who is living the dream, having started with monkeying around with vehicles for love of cars.

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