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Travel the World While Earning Your Keep

11 SEP 2012
Career Path : Aviation

Many of us entertain the thought of travelling the world. But numerous things tie us down, especially our employment. Budgetary constraints are another variable that often keep us grounded to one location. But what if you could work and travel at the same time? What if there were no limits to where you could go? Then maybe you should think about flight attendant school.


Becoming a flight attendant for a major airline holds no limits. You are essentially paid to travel. Because you are responsible for the well being of your passengers, you are also awarded with a purposeful career.


But becoming a flight attendant does require very specific preparation. Flight attendant schools offer thorough flight attendant training with actual airline simulator training. Flight attendant courses cover an assortment of aircraft best practice, from an A320 to a B747 slide raft trainer. Flight attendants also learn about the theory of flight, and are taught how a number of different airplanes function in order to assure that they are prepared for any situation on any aircraft.


Flight attendant courses also cover an abundance of different topics, ranging from the 24-hour clock to airport authority and security. Flight attendants are also provided with thorough training in regards to airplane safety and regulations, providing them with a strong overview in regards to passenger safety, regardless of the situation.


Covering every possible occurrence, flight attendant training is essential to the well being of aircraft passengers. While ensuring that customers are both satisfied and comfortable, attendants will also learn what to do in an emergency, regardless of its subject matter, covering hijacking, potential terrorism threats, hypoxia, hypothermia, air rage, bomb threats, customer fears and land/sea survival. Flight attendant courses will also cover what to do in case of an in-flight fire and be educated on how to deal with personal crises and situations. This personal awareness training will cover everything from jet lag to the effects of alcohol ingestion at high altitude levels.


Flight attendant training will provide you with the many certificates that you need to qualify for actual employment. By the end of your training, you will have an accurate perspective of your own personal strengths and attributes and know what makes you stand out from other flight attendant applicants. With a starting wage of approximately 27 dollars an hour, and a guaranteed 13 days off a month, what better career could you hope for? And with the possibility of unionization to safeguard your job following your probationary period, you can also look forward to job security.


A career with benefits and purpose is rare. Flight attendant school provides you with the possibility of living your life with the guarantee of a great career, while simultaneously allowing you to see the world. What could be better?



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