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Sampling Auto Technician Training

20 JUN 2013
Career Path : Automotive


Planning an automotive mechanic career can feel daunting. While you may have been lucky enough that your secondary school had auto mechanic courses or shop class, it can be very difficult to get a taste of the actual work with cars before you commit to auto mechanic training. Part of this is because of the increasing complexity of cars. Although, even as a teenager, you may have been able to afford car ownership, and did your basic maintenance, on your own of a family car, the design of modern vehicles mean that other work is generally left to sophisticated professionals who have completed the full auto mechanic apprenticeship it takes to be a modern auto service technician.


In the past half century, there has been a general increase in the complexity of machines and electrical systems of all kinds. For example the insides of a radio have changed from easily replaceable vacuum tubes to circuit boards that when broken junk the entire unit. While the basic principles that underlie the function of automobile engines have not changed, there is an increasing trend toward autonomization and computerization.


For example, many cars include systems built over top of the brake lines to prevent them from locking, and an auto pilot on the steering system to discourage drift. The once simple car radio is now either an mp3 playing, car wide stereo sound system or even a combination between satellite radio and other media systems. Seats have individual heaters, while airbags in non-back seats become a more common safety feature.


Additionally, insurance companies prefer if only certified professionals service cars, and generally discourage amateur repairs. There are still plenty of hobbyists who have the knowledge, but they tend to be confined to things like restoring their own vintage cars, again, not as much use if you wanted to develop hands on skills for modern cars to find out if you liked it.


Therefore, when you want to get involved in auto technician training, there is less opportunity to sample before you commit to a lengthy process. Thankfully many educational programs and schools don’t just launch every applicant straight into an auto mechanic apprenticeship. They let you ease in with services and introduction to the field like:

  • Career days that let you see the responsibilities of the role
  • School garage tours and tutorials with equipment
  • Introductory level auto mechanic courses for shorter term careers


You can also train in things like auto sales or other automotive career paths with a smaller educational commitment. Since finishing the full training can take up to eight years, making sure to thoroughly weigh your options before you tackle breaking into this rewarding career, and you can be confident of good results.

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