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Automotive Technician Training Options After High School

23 JUL 2013
Career Path : Automotive

Ten years ago students were encouraged to pursue a traditional university degree after they’ve gotten their high school diploma.  Today’s students have become more cautious. Stories about students who have spent years in college and gotten a great degree but have been unable to land a good job, make the idea of spending four years at university unappealing, especially when those stories get mixed with tales of massive student loans that need to be repaid. Instead of pursuing a degree that will qualify you to work in a field where you might or might not get hired, you should consider a practical field that offers full time work, and needs a fresh influx of workers.

If you’re about to leave high school and have started to think about what you’re future hold, or if you’ve grown tired of your current job and have decided you need a change, you should  consider automotive technician training.

By the time you complete the auto mechanic course you will be very well trained. In order to be certified, you will have put in 720 hours of training, most of it geared specifically towards the automotive field. You’ll regularly have to sit for an exam which will determine how well you’ve absorbed the material and if you’re ready to move on.

Just because you didn’t excel in high school, you shouldn’t automatically assume you won’t do well once you’ve started at a school that offers the auto mechanic course you need for your goals. It’s a great training program for students who struggle in a traditional educational setting. The instructors have included a great deal of hands on training. In order to get your diploma, you’ll have need to document that you’ve worked in a professional setting for 6,000 hours.

The odds are in your favor that after completing your automotive technician training, you will get a job. The demand for mechanics is at an all-time high. According to Statistics Canada, 99% of the people who have been hired into the field enjoy full time employment. The pay varies from one repair shop to the next, but as long as you can plan on being able to enjoy a comfortable, middle class life style.

Thanks to the extensive nature of the course, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of jobs. Some people opt to do general repairs for small repair shops. Other students realized there was a single aspect of the job that they enjoyed more than anything else and have gotten hired by dealership as lube specialists, brake/alignment specialist, and even spend their entire work day installing customized audio/visual equipment into vehicles.

Most people find they enjoy working in the auto mechanic industry. As a member of this field you’ll be able to spend most of your time working in an enclosed space that will be cool in the summer and warm in the winter, enjoy laid back co-workers, bring home a steady income, and enjoy regular work hours.

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