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Automotive Careers Snapshots: Inside the Dealership

15 JAN 2013
Career Path : Automotive

Because of anti-monopoly regulations in US and Canada, the franchise dealership plays a key role in providing and maintaining cars. Though second hand car dealerships and independent mechanic garages exist alongside licenced retailers, brand new cars need to be bought from a company with official approval from the car manufacturer. Though you’ve probably passed by one of their gaily decorated lots, perhaps you didn’t know that the dealership is home to several sorts of automotive career!



Most dealerships employ in house mechanics. Trained in the specialty skills that have to do with a particular car company’s models, the dealer’s garage usually offers a certain number of checkups and warranty guarantee funded repairs.  They can make sure they provide only official parts and


Financial Services Assistants

With most cars purchased on credit, the paperwork for the auto loan is handed through the dealer’s in house financial services. They need to work with the customer to see what payment plans are realistic, based on the client’s income and resources, but also check credit histories. Cars run for thousands of dollars and while it’s in the dealership’s best interest to be paid in interest accumulating credit, it is not in their best interest to loan money that can’t be paid back.



Customers get chauffer service when they bring their car in. For obvious reasons, if they need their car to be worked on, most people don’t want to wait at the dealership until the work is done. Thus the dealership will employ professional drivers who will either run a shuttle service that takes customers too and from set points, or even drop them off in a more congenial waiting location. Sometimes the driver will act as a taxi, conveying them to and from work or home. And if a car needs to be kept for a long period of time the dealership will even give over a loaner car. To run this fleet, it is often the office receptionist who will co-ordinate everything from the front desk. They may even have dispatcher courses if it’s a particularly big operation.



No dealership would be complete without the sales staff. It’s their job to match customers with the right vehicle and to close the deal. Though the stereotype is a pushy sales person who will do anything to get a yes, in reality dealerships need to employ highly knowledgeable, professional sales staff. They’re not just there to move cars off the lot, but to educate the consumer about cars and serve as a brand ambassador that keeps the customer coming back for repeat purchases. It is so important that the sales staff if well informed and good at their job that they will sometimes even have specialized auto sales college training.



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