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Automotive Careers in Parts and Warehousing

24 DEC 2013

Parts and warehousing isn’t all about shuffling around papers and stacking mufflers, there’s a whole wide world of careers in the industry that you might not be aware of. There are some great jobs that a knowledge of parts and warehousing could get you into! This great blog post by Automotive Training Centre touches on the many options that are available to you as someone in the parts and warehousing industry.

“There’s much more to being in parts and warehousing than just shuffling things around in a giant, non-descript warehouse. While a career as an auto mechanic or maybe car sales training might always sound more exciting, there’s an entire side to parts and warehousing that you probably weren’t aware of. As a parts specialist, you’ll have an intricate knowledge of thousands of parts, why they’re important, what makes them tick and what to do when they bite the dust. Don’t feel like knowing the ins and outs of a muffler or an exhaust pipe on a Buick? Well luckily, even if cars aren’t your thing, a career as a parts specialist can take you anywhere from up in the sky to below the sea. It’s truly one of the most varied and rewarding auto careers”

While you might not want to be responsible for fixing submarines or knowing which parts fit where in the wild, whirring craziness of the engine room, it’s exciting to know that there are so many possibilities out there. Whether you want to be on the road, making sure that parts get delivered on time and living life on the open highway, or just hunkered down at a parts counter, talking shop and giving recommendations.