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Auto Training Schools: A Program for Every Personality

29 JUN 2012
Career Path : Automotive

Whether you are a homebody or an adventurer, a big talker or the silent type, the trucking industry offers career options for you.


Take transport training to become a trucker


There are many reasons to be attracted to trucking as a career, not the least of which is stability. Like many countries, Canada is dependent on the graduates of auto training schools who work as truckers for the transport of most of our goods, including such basics as food and clothing. But not everyone has what it takes to succeed at this career.


Anyone contemplating an auto training school’s truck driver training program should ask themselves the following questions:


-          Are they independent? Auto training schools prepare students for a life in which they must spend a lot of time on the road. This requires internal motivation and regulation.

-          Are their families supportive? Auto training schools prepare students for a working life in which they may spend a lot of time away from home. Prospective students of truck training programs should evaluate how well their friends and loved ones will tolerate (and, ideally, support) their absences.


Choosing another transport path: auto mechanic course


Some people love the transportation industry, but aspire to a career in a garage rather than on the road. What kind of personality may be well suited to an auto mechanic course?


Anyone contemplating an auto mechanic course should ask themselves the following questions:


-          Are they good with their hands? There is a reason that the word “mechanic” is in the name “auto mechanic course.” Working with vehicles still requires a certain mechanical aptitude. If you love tinkering with vehicles, appliances, etc., this may be the transportation career path for you.

-          Are they good with computers? Increasingly, students who enroll in an auto mechanic course will realize that a large part of the curriculum has to do with mastering computer technology. Vehicles today have a large electronic component.


A communications-focused transportation career: dispatcher training


There is another option for people contemplating a career in transportation: dispatcher training. Dispatchers control communications at trucking companies. They assign drivers to routes, loads to drivers, etc. They are the go-between between clients and drivers.


Anyone contemplating taking dispatcher training should ask themselves the following questions:


-          Are they good communicators? Dispatcher training teaches students how to oversee communications between drivers and clients. Dispatchers have to speak clearly, listen well and be comfortable using a variety of communications tools, including the two-way radio.

-          Are they organized? Dispatcher training also prepares students to keep logs for their organizations. They must keep careful track of their drivers and their loads. This takes organizational skills.


As you can see, auto training schools can help prepare people for a variety of exciting career paths.


Visit Canadian Automotive & Trucking Institute for more information on auto training schools.