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How to become an Auto Service Writer or Auto Parts Specialist

26 JAN 2013
Career Path : Automotive

Imagine being able to enter into a great job in as little as 18 weeks of training? Does this sound too good to be true? Think again. You can actually find a program from auto training schools that can get you into the workforce this quickly. This course of study is the Advanced Automotive Service Advisor Program.

Reputable auto training schools that offer this program will usually work in collaboration with industry partnerships to provide students with training in the computer systems used in the automotive industry.

There are two extremely challenging positions that can be achieved through this kind of training— that of a Professional Service Writer or that of a Parts Specialist.


A graduate from an auto training school will have the door open to an immense amount of opportunities available in the automotive industry. There are many people who are actually unaware of the career positions available in service writing or as a parts specialist. Did you know that the Canadian Automotive Industry will for a fact be looking for 92, 159 new employees by 2014. By the way, 94% will be full time based on current employment trends, all this according to the 2009 Labour Market Update.


A student will spend approximately 50% of their training time in auto training schools learning the essentials of the current industry software applications. These will include:

  • Dealership systems used for service and parts pricing, parts inventory cataloguing, service writing and customer management
  • Automotive business management systems (ABMS)
  • Learning industry standard estimating tools for parts and labour
  • Learning how to search in electronic parts catalogues that let you locate parts around the world


A parts specialist can work in both the retail automotive stores as well as in wholesale parts suppliers. In addition, there are also parts specialists in many industries including recreational and transportation.

The training for a parts specialist from auto training schools will include learning the following:

  • How to take, place and follow up on orders
  • Handle warranty issues, returns and labour claims
  • Complete call reports, time sheets and expense reports
  • Prepare and update sales contracts

Both a service writer and a parts specialist are jobs that will continue to grow in demand as the automotive industry continues to grow stronger each day. With so many new cars on the road each day, how can one go wrong to enrol in an auto training schools program? It can certainly add up to an amazing employment future!