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Auto Sales College Can Lead to Automotive Careers

10 DEC 2012
Career Path : Dealership

With 21,673,403 licenced drivers in Canada, and 29,055,303 vehicles registered to share between them, automotive careers are some of the most reliable in the country, and as the number suggests, drivers are more than happy to own multiple cars, trucks and vehicles. A good match for this sort of program is charismatic and helpful, with an interest in vehicles, but the often large sales commissions sales people can make in this field provides another attractive bonus, as well as the potential to apply your skills in other industries.


What is an auto sales college?

Often attached to a general automotive training facility, an auto sales college trains students in both the skills of a good sales person, and the general functioning of automobiles. Students will also learn the regulations and licencing involved with transfer of ownership of vehicles, including their responsibilities as part of a dealership. They will also have a chance to look into other training offered at their institution, which may vary from auto technician to dispatcher courses and give them a broader understanding of the auto industry.


What sales skills will graduates learn?

Despite (or perhaps because) of stereotypes about automotive salespeople, the attitude car buyers look for is patience and a willingness to explain and answer questions accurately. Because of this, an important part of training will focus on the ins and outs, from axel suspension to hubcap, and good programs will have vendor neutral, universal applicability. This means that they will not focus on one particular make, model or brand. Thus, graduates from an auto sales college, perhaps with a little extra training, should feel prepared to talk about anything from vintage automobiles to the latest innovations on fuel cell and electric cars.

Other skills are more universally transferable. Skills of a good sales person include active listening, recognizing the needs of a customer and making confident pitches, always applicable regardless of the product that needs to be moved, as well as being interchangeable with the skills needed for good customer service as well as in automotive careers. This is also the case with another skill particular to large scale purchases like cars, the ability to form lasting customer relationships that can lead to decades of business.

However, even though communities of all sizes will have at least one auto dealership servicing the area, job hunting can be hard for everyone. One other hidden benefit of enrolling in an auto sales college is access to students in other programs for networking purposes. Dealerships often offer multiple services other than sales, which means employing a whole host of different specialties, from the receptionist to the technicians repairing and servicing customer purchases, but even people studying to work outside auto dealerships can provide valuable job leads. For example making friends with someone taking dispatcher courses could lead to a career selling heavy weight trucks, or in commercial shipping. With all these advantages, graduates should have and easy time finding jobs.


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