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17 JUN 2013
Career Path : Automotive

In the quest to manufacture vehicles that are as safe and fuel efficient as possible, car production technology has become very sophisticated. This has created demand for auto mechanics who have the skills to maintain the parts and systems of such vehicles. One such skill that is needed is with computerized electronic systems. Professional auto shops require that their mechanics have certification systems from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, which gives certification in specific automotive systems.

Mechanical skills and the ability to work with modern technology means that a mechanic can troubleshoot problems related to circuit boards, computer chips and electronic modules that have complex analysis systems. Clearly, mechanical aptitude is one of the most important skills that mechanics need. It is possible to learn it but a natural flair for the way machines work certainly helps.

A mechanic needs to work with their hands. This means that you can go under the hood of a vehicle and use your hands to navigate your way around all the parts and small spaces in between them. Having manual dexterity also means having good hand-eye coordination which is the ability to comfortably hold and work with all kind of tools and equipment. Troubleshooting is the ability to analyze mechanical problems and know how to go about solving them.  For instance, a mechanic has to decide between repairing and replacing a faulty part, considering that their decision must ensure the safety of the driver and the passengers.

An auto mechanic must also be able to deal with the fuel system. An understanding of the electrical systems, the ratios of air to fuel mixture, brakes and other essential parts in both two and four wheel car systems is important.

Customer service is an often overlooked skill. You must also be able to communicate the problem and available solutions, coming to an agreement with the customer. Some customers will be disagreeable and a lot of patience will be required. A lack of people skills can cause you to lose customers, despite great technical skills.

Automotive painting is a specialty that has become very sophisticated. Technicians in this field use a complex mix of fillers, resins, additives binders and carrying agents of water or solvents. This painting is no longer done by hand but rather, an automated process that guarantees a consistent, quality and durable paint job. The electrostatic procedure uses electrical current to deposit paint on the metal in a very precise way. Less paint is used because of the high precision process and the results are uniform. It can also be done with water paints that are environmentally friendly. This kind of painting can be learned in a short course or it can be learned as part of an course in auto mechanics.

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