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Auto Mechanic College: Get on the Right Path While Still in High School

14 SEP 2012
Career Path : Automotive

You’ve already sent away for brochures for every auto mechanic college in a hundred mile radius, but you still have a few more years of high school. It’s hard to wait, and focus on geography, history, science, etc., when you already know what you would like your career to be. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take while still in high school to prepare for an auto mechanic career.


Choose your part-time job wisely


Because you already know that you are auto-mechanic-college bound, you have an advantage over the average in teen, in that you can tailor your part-time employment to suit your career goals. Why not do a tour of the local garages to see if anyone is hiring? Also consider dealerships and auto parts retailers. Perhaps even a rental or car share company. Early exposure to the milieu can help advance your auto mechanic career more quickly. Just think about it. You will:


– already know people in the industry

– have work experience to add to your first CV after finishing your auto mechanic course

– perhaps even find a mentor, willing to advise you as you pursue your auto mechanic career


Can’t find a paid position? Even an unpaid internship in the field could be beneficial for your auto mechanic career.


Take advantage of your high school curriculum


Not all high schools have a shop or auto mechanic course on offer, but most have science, math and computers, all of which will be of great help to you as you progress in your auto mechanic career.


And don’t forget extracurricular activities


Your high school may not have a shop class, but it may have some kind of club or organization that caters to mechanically minded students like you, who plan to attend auto mechanic college.


Study your colleges carefully


Since you’ve known from an early age that you would like to go to auto mechanic college, you can take the time to really assess each school on your list. Visit the campus, sit in on an auto mechanic course, ask questions… The choice you make can have a lasting impact on your auto mechanic career.

Make sure that you know what the admission requirements are for your desired colleges. Do you need to maintain a certain grade point average? Are you on your way to completing all the required courses? These are the kinds of questions you should be asking now, while auto mechanic college is still a few years away.


Your high school years will offer many opportunities for preparing for an auto mechanic career, but only if you take the care to nurture your ambitions. Turning dreams into reality takes effort: yours.


Contact Canadian Automotive & Trucking Institute for more information on auto mechanic college.