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How to Become an Auto Mechanic: Getting Certified

14 AUG 2012
Career Path : Automotive

Are you interested in becoming a mechanic, but are not quite sure what steps you need to take? Here are the basic things you need to know about becoming a certified mechanic.


Verify the rules for your province or state


Perhaps the first thing you need to know about becoming a mechanic is that the process can vary depending on which jurisdiction you live in. For information on the rules in your area, contact a local auto mechanic college and discuss what province-specific rules there are within the mechanic trade.


Complete an apprenticeship


Becoming a mechanic often requires completing an apprenticeship, which can take four to five years, and requires on-the-job training on how to become an auto mechanic, as well as a certain percentage of classroom training at a school.


One advantage of becoming a mechanic through an apprenticeship program is that apprentices earn some money while gaining work experience.


To find an apprenticeship, you can contact a local auto mechanic college. Or you can contact local employers directly, by research them online or in the phone book.


At the end of an apprenticeship program, apprentices are given certificates that show that they have completed their apprenticeship training. This is a very important piece of paper. Future employers may ask to see it.


Apply for certification


Becoming a mechanic is not just a question of completing an apprenticeship or taking some classes at auto mechanic college. Aspiring mechanics must also apply for a certificate of qualification. This involves paying a fee and writing an exam.


An exam? What will you be tested on?


A certificate of qualification exam is designed to test your competencies in a wide variety of areas. Becoming a mechanic requires learning about the following topics:


-          brakes

-          engines

-          drive shafts

-          heating and ventilation systems

-          transmissions

-          drive axles

-          drive shafts

-          differentials

-          electrical systems, starters, etc.

-          exhaust systems

-          emissions control

-          tires and wheels

-          rims and hubs

-          vehicle bodies


What if you are already certified as an auto mechanic in another country?


The steps to how to become an auto mechanic in your new jurisdiction may be different. Most likely, you will not be asked to return to auto mechanic college or to undergo another apprenticeship as though you were just becoming a mechanic. You will, most likely, however, have to apply to write a certification exam, at your own expense.


You may also be asked to require proof of your credentials. It may be necessary to have diplomas and certificates from your auto mechanic college notarized or translated.


But if you are a new arrival, and you are wondering about becoming a mechanic, or rather, about becoming recognized as a mechanic in your new state or province, contacting a local auto mechanic college is a good way to secure information.



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