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Auto Careers by Personality

14 FEB 2013
Career Path : Automotive

If you like cars and you’re trying to pick a career, you’re in luck. There are loads of auto careers for every sort of person and personality. Some of them take a lot of education, such as the many years it takes to complete certified automotive mechanic training while others just take a great driving record.


Road Lover

If what you love about cars is driving them, there’s plenty of ways you can spend every working day behind the wheel. Professional drivers vary from race car drivers and stuntmen and stuntwomen, to public transportation operators and truck drivers, but there are also a plethora of other professional drivers. This includes taxi drivers and limo drivers, but many companies such as news services need professional drivers to shuffle people around. And one last place to look: car dealerships. Most of these places now offer a shuttle service to clients, complete with professional drivers.



If art school is more your thing, you can still make it in the auto world. A good eye for design can help with cosmetic car customization. You’re probably best going for automotive mechanic training, but a steady hand with the airbrush could be your ticket to setting auto paint trends.



If getting your hands onto a car is more your idea of fun, there’s a whole host of car related jobs that touch on every part of the car from wheels to frame. Automotive mechanic training covers a number of subfields, from people who do auto body detailing to the more stereotypical grease monkey with their arms buried inside the guts of an engine. Cars even need people with a knack for computers, as they become increasingly more automated.



Check out dispatcher courses if doing the job right matters to you. Most employers are going to like attention to detail, but if you’re particularly exact about your work and good at detail, your ability to co-ordinate and correct things could lead to a career as a dispatcher. You’ll be the voice on the radio, either keeping emergency response vehicles in contact or directing big rigs out on the road, or even making sure that taxis don’t get lost.



If you have the gift of the gab and you love to talk about cars all day, the lucrative world of auto sales could be for you. Forget about the stereotype of the sleazy car salesman. These days consultative selling that gives clients an honest idea about the product that the customer is investing thousands of dollars into. These days dealerships know that car brands can be a lifelong choice with the right service, and sales staffs are knowledgeable graduates of auto sales college courses.



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