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Smaller Scale Movie Premiers

8 JUL 2013
Career Path : Arts and Entertainment

There are few facets of the entertainment industry that are without elements of glamour. However, there are not many events in the entertainment industry more glamorous than the movie premiere: the red carpet, the paparazzi snapping photos, the arriving limos bringing celebrities, the enthusiastic crowds, and the overall excitement of viewing a newly finished piece of cinema.

However, movie premieres are not just for A-List celebrities and multi-million dollar Hollywood products. There are smaller, local film industries throughout the world – including a thriving Canadian industry that produces a stream of quality movies every year.

The Ever-Changing World of Cinema
Even “smaller” film scenes – like the one in Vancouver – are expanding, and produce a number of actors, actresses, writers, directors, producers, and even editors that go on to become well-known throughout the world. While this has been the case for decades, the world of filmmaking is evolving in other ways.

Twenty years ago, if you wanted to make a movie, you had to use actual film. While some more ambitious pioneers were experimenting with cheaper video equipment, this was not a commonly accepted practice. In order to be taken seriously, you had to invest in expensive equipment – including pricey and temperamental film stock – and go through a production and editing process that was invariably complicated and time-consuming.

With the advent of quality, affordable digital video, the film world has been democratized in ways previously unimaginable. Even feature length projects can be produced for reasonable prices, with relatively portable equipment.

This leveling of the playing field has resulted in a sharp increase of the number of movies produced each year – and an increase in opportunities for those who want to be involved with moviemaking in general.

Getting Into the Movies
Even though it is cheaper and easier than it has ever been, filmmaking is still an art form. Anybody with a video camera can make a “movie”, but like any other craft filmmaking must be learned.
Even with a decent digital video camera, a suitable computer, and good editing software, knowhow is still a necessary component of the process. This is why the best film schools in Canada have seen an increase in the number of hopeful enrollees. Armed with a good education and some decent equipment, anybody who wants to become part of the film industry can make their dreams come true.

Movie Premieres Large and Small
You do not have to be a filmmaker, actor, or producer to become part of the industry. It takes a large, hardworking staff to make any movie premiere happen. And there are some people who dedicate their careers to planning and executing these types of exciting events.
In fact, with an education in event planning you can be a part of not only movie premieres but a range of exciting events throughout the year. If you want to become an event planner, become a filmmaker, or become part of this exciting world in any capacity, it all begins with the right education.

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