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Making Movies in Canada

8 JUL 2013
Career Path : Apprenticeships

If you’re interested in a career in Canadian filmmaking, there are many opportunities available to you in the field. Even aside from moviemaking itself, the skills you learn can be used in many other fields as well. However, before you can jump into the moviemaking industry, there are many things you need to consider, from your aptitude to your educational plans and long-term career objectives.

Existing Skill Set

It’s safe to assume that if you are interested in having a future career in filmmaking, you probably have developed a basic knowledge of filmmaking already. You might have been in your high school film club, or you could have filmed all the important events for your family, such as marriages, anniversaries and birthdays. Learning how to use the basic features in consumer level camcorders will hold you in good stead later on when you are learning how to handle more complex equipment. Even better, you can hit your local library for books on editing, lighting and the other fundamentals of modern filmmaking.

Film Schools

One of the great things about choosing a career in moviemaking in Canada is that you have so many educational options. Canada has some of the best film schools in the world. You can easily find a quality film school virtually anywhere in Canada. Not all of these film schools are exactly the same, since some offer particular specialties. Getting into film schools in Canada is not easy. You will need to show that you have solid grades and a real interest in the subject. One way of demonstrating the latter is with a demo DVD of work you have already done, or an online portfolio with video clips and shorts. You may even consider taking existing footage and editing it for practice, for example looking for old films that are out of copyright. Thankfully if your filming and editing equipment may be limited to inexpensive commercial cameras and free software, most schools understand that limited tools are just another way to showcase your ability to be creative.

Future Employment

As stated above, for those with moviemaking skills there are numerous opportunities in Canada for employment. This can be either in the movie industry itself or in other areas. You could become an event planner or work in newscasting. The sky’s the limit. A very large television production center has developed in Vancouver in the last few decades, with many major long-running television programs being produced for both Canadian and US audiences. Many people might be surprised to learn that programs such as the X-Files, Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis were all produced in the Vancouver area. There is every reason to think that this industry will continue to expand in Vancouver and in Canada generally.

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