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10 DEC 2013

As a career path, architecture is on the rise. The number of architects that are being higher and that are in demand right now is growing faster than almost any other profession. There are a multitude of factors that have facilitated this growth, and this great post by Digital School discusses the reasons behind the growing demand for architects, as well as what that means for the future of the profession and of the global community.

“So why is it that career opportunities for architects are on the rise? Well, there are a multitude of factors that have influenced this spike in demand. The Baby Boomer generation is starting to retire as we speak, and people are living much longer than they used to. This means that not only are we going to require more healthcare facilities, but also nursing homes, retirement homes and assisted care facilities. As more and more of the older generation are moved into facilities, the need for building more facilities grows with it concurrently, and someone has to be designing them!”

As well as the aging population, there are also handfuls of other contributing factors such as the rise of environmentally sustainable buildings, sparking a desire for more people versed in “green architecture,” as well as increases in the global population. What this means is that architects are definitely here to stay, and as a career choice, you can’t get much more stable!