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Apprenticeship Programs are the Secret Advantage of the Trades

16 NOV 2012
Career Path : Apprenticeships

You may have heard that there is a crisis in the trades, that Canada needs more skilled tradespeople, and that is why you are considering studying to become an electrician. Or you may have heard that it is possible to start earning a good wage not long out of electrician school, and that is what may have drawn you to contemplate the program. But there is another good reason to consider electrician training, and that is because of apprenticeship programs, which enable aspiring electricians to get a taste of life on the job while still pursuing their studies.


Apprenticeship programs offer many advantages including:


-          the ability for students to assess more immediately whether their chosen profession is right for them: Electrician apprenticeships can require aspiring electricians to work as many as 900 hours on the job under the supervision of a qualified journeyman, i.e., more than enough time to figure out whether or not becoming an electrician is the right fit for you


-          Electrician apprenticeships are paid a certain percentage of a journeyman’s salary. Earning money while going to school is an attractive option, especially at a job that brings you closer to meeting your professional goals.


-          Industrial electrician apprenticeships can prepare you for a career that may earn you an above average salary. In addition to learning on the job, apprentice electricians have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the job that they are training for is in demand and pays well, especially compared to the average Canadian salary.


-          Apprenticeship programs enable participants to build relationships with potential employers while still in school: If you like the team where you do your apprenticeship, and they like you, then you may not even have to endure the angst of a job search once you apprenticeship is completed. You may ascend directly to a secure job amidst colleagues you already know and trust. And because you will have completed your apprenticeship, you will even be eligible for a rather significant pay rise.


-          In some ways, industrial electrician apprenticeships are well suited to the “hands on” nature of electrician work. Instead of having aspiring electricians waste away in the classroom, surrounded by theory, rather than practical applications, apprenticeship programs let aspiring electricians do what they do best.


-          There is another advantage of electrician apprenticeships that may not become evident to you until long after graduation: electrician apprentices are a more affordable source of labour for organizations. Apprenticeship programs also enable businesses to build good relations with potential permanent employees and to assess them on a trial basis.


In fact, electrician apprenticeships offer so many advantages that one wishes that apprenticeships and internships were more regularly integrated into most fields of study.


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