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Apprenticeship Programs Kick Start Careers

5 OCT 2012
Career Path : Apprenticeships

Knowing the theory of how something works is useful only if it is accompanied by actual experience. Putting into practice what you have learned is sometimes one of the most challenging aspects of learning a profession, and one of the most important.

But this can go both ways. Often many professionals are trained on the practical side of a business, but lack the book theory, or certificate, to accompany their highly developed skills. It is important to have a strong grasp on both the theoretical and practical sides of your intended profession. While having a certificate definitely provides credibility, most people won’t hire someone that doesn’t have sufficient experience.

Today, the combination of experience and knowledge is essential, especially in such an ever-changing world as we live in today. Technology is evolving, and it is important that any kind of professional is able to keep up with new developments in industry, machinery, and computer technology. If not, you are likely to find your resume at the bottom of the pile. This is why being hired for an apprenticeship position is detrimental to your professional success. Understanding technology translates to understanding your own value.

Fortunately, apprenticeship programs are available in a variety of fields. Options include everything from child and youth worker to general mechanic apprenticeship, and truck-trailer service technician to welding apprenticeships. All of these fields are ones that are extremely specialized, and therefore, are highly valued. The majority of them require either security or safety training (or both), and a significant number of apprenticeship hours before students can be declared fully qualified to work independently. You are simply not employable without sufficient field training.

The trade off between employer and student is one of the best things about apprenticeship programs. There are many highly trained professionals to learn from, and this is essential if you wish to be successful in your field. Working with an established professional is also a great way to build your contacts, and your network within your specific industry. You will get to know people that work in the industries surrounding your profession, and learn how to properly deal with anybody in need of your services. This isn’t to say that you can build your business or career off of your employer – but you can definitely learn how to get started.

Apprenticeship programs provide you with experience and theoretical knowledge. They prepare you for the working world, and provide you with an understanding of not only what to expect, but what you will have to do once you are a certified professional. This kind of education is invaluable today, and as a result, is prized by employers. And being valued is one of the best ways to kick-start your career.

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