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Alumni Success at Trebas Institute

4 FEB 2014

The mark of a good school is often thought to be the success of its students. How students fare in the real world is often an excellent reflection of what skills and knowledge they acquired in school, an indication of how well the school prepares graduates for their chosen field. In the case of Trebas Institute, as this great blog post points out, their graduates have gone on to become gold selling artists, Grammy winners and internationally renowned managers.

“There’s nothing more exciting and rewarding than seeing the students you nurtured and trained graduating, going off on their own and embarking on a rich and successful career. At Trebas Institute, we’re humbled by the sheer volume of successes that our graduates have enjoyed, and are extremely proud that the techniques and skills they learned here have allowed them to find immeasurable success in the entertainment industry. To know that even one of your graduates has gone on to international fame is astounding, but when your alumni roster includes best selling artists, several Grammy award winning engineers, award nominated artists and managers for successful, platinum selling artists – well, let’s just say we’re blushing.”

Indeed, their list of successful alumni is not only vast but impressive. Alumnus Michael Piersante is the proud owner of eight Grammy awards, and has recorded and mixed albums for artists like Robert Plant and Allison Krauss, Elton John, Willie Nelson and more. Heavy metal icon Dave Mustaine was a student at Trebas long before he was ruling the metal world with Megadeth. It just goes to show you that a solid educational foundation makes all the difference.