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The Alberese Archaeological Field School

31 MAR 2014

One of the best ways we can learn about ourselves and the world we live in is by unearthing and examining the past. By taking a look at how various other cultures lived, both ones that flourished and ones that were destroyed, we can learn things to apply to our current state of living. Archaeology is a wonderful way to not only learn about ancient cultures, but to find yourself on a rewarding and exciting career path as well. Rome is one of the most gorgeous and ancient cities still standing in the world, and the wealth of opportunities for archaeologists in Italy is massive. John Cabot University, an English university in Rome, offers a great archaeological program at their Albrese Archaeological Field School, and they’ve got a great blog post explaining the course, so be sure to head over to their website and check it out!

“That’s why John Cabot University offers students a chance to study and work with the Alberese Archaeological Field School whether they’re here completing a degree or here to study abroad in Rome for a semester or two. From learning about the ancient culture and citizens of Rome to unearthing the relics of bygone days, students will get an amazing and hands-on introduction into the world of archaeology in one of the most dazzling ancient cities in the world. Located in Tuscany, one of the richest archaeological sites in the world, the Alberese Archaeological Field School offers three distinct projects in the 2014 year: Archaeological Excavation and Methodology, Material Culture Studies and Magnetometry Survey.”