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At Your Age, Business College? Ontario Colleges Woo Mature Students

30 JAN 2012
Career Path : Administration

College is not just for kids fresh out of high school. There are many reasons why adults enroll in college. In Toronto, there are many programs that attract mature students, including business and accounting courses. Toronto is the Canadian city that attracts the most new immigrants each year. Many of these new arrivals need to retrain because their existing credentials are not recognized here. But newcomers don’t account for all of the mature students who attend college in Toronto.

There are four main types of mature students:

  • stay-at-home parents, usually mothers, making the transition back to work
  • the newly laid off or unemployed
  • people who are tired of their current jobs and would like to retrain
  • newcomers to Canada

Stay-at-home Moms and Dads Returning to Work

Sometimes, looking for a job can be intimidating, especially after one has been out of the workforce for a while. Stay-at-home parents may feel:

  • isolated
  • out of date
  • as though they have no marketable skills

These feelings may be amplified if the need to return to work is motivated by:

  • a partner’s job loss
  • separation or divorce

Sometimes, all it takes to get confidence back up is a few months at college. In Toronto, there are a variety of career training programs for back-to-work parents to choose from, including:

  • accounting
  • web design
  • office management
  • insurance
  • IT
  • customer service
  • business

The Newly Laid Off or Unemployed

Your parents may have told you time and time again that every cloud has a silver lining, meaning that it’s usually possible to find something good in most situations, no matter how unpleasant. Job loss is one of those situations. It can be the opportunity for us to revisit our values and rediscover our dreams.

In fact, mature students enrolled in college in Toronto struggling with unemployment may be able to receive special government funding for:

  • tuition
  • transportation costs
  • day-to-day living expenses

People Who Are Tired of Their Current Jobs and Would Like to Retrain

Walk into any college in Toronto and you will find that a number of the students already have jobs. Many mature students are people who are gainfully employed, but who seek change.

Do you feel:

  • miserable at work?
  • unfulfilled?

You may want to consider retraining at business college. Ontario has a lot of programs to offer, including insurance, healthcare and accounting courses. Toronto boasts some of the largest colleges in the country.

Newcomers to Canada

Building a life in a new country can be difficult. Prospective employers may not recognize credentials from other countries. A bookkeeper, for example, may need to enroll in refresher accounting courses. Toronto college staff understand that some of their students may already have lots of experience.

Thinking of Going Back to College in Toronto?

Don’t be afraid. Chances are that there will be other mature students in your business college. Ontario has many mature students who are determined, like you, to increase their employability.