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Affording the City While You Study Your Web Design and IT Courses in Toronto

19 FEB 2013
Career Path : Computers and Technology

Toronto is expensive! Affording to live in Canada’s biggest city during your education will take careful budgeting and maybe a few sacrifices, but it can be very rewarding. Toronto gives you lots of education opportunities, as well as great employment options and lots to do around your studies to keep you entertained.


Living Expenses

Rent in Toronto can be very high, as its one of the most expensive cities in the world. A standard cheaper apartment is a converted basement, as home owners look to increase their revenue by offering up some of their space, and you can get roommates to further decrease costs, but even that can mean very steep prices, especially closer to the in-demand downtown core. Look for living space with the amenities you need, but move further away from the middle of the municipality. As long as you’re on a transit route with good coverage, you don’t need downtown rents distracting you from your web design courses in Toronto. The city also has lots of discount grocery options, so choosing the right places to shop can cut your expenses that way. Try budget chains and ethnic grocery stores. Lastly, in the warmer months, cut expenses on that pricey transit pass with a bike for a health commute.


An Affordable Program

If your heart’s set on Toronto life, take a realistic look at your tuition costs versus your goals. Student loans might give you more money to work with, but to avoid a heavy debt load, buy only the education you need to go with your career goals. IT courses in Toronto, as everywhere else, are designed to prepare you with skills and certifications and web design is even more of a trade, so for that sort of training look into all the schools that can teach you. For example, outside a university, classes at a private career and business administration college in Ontario, if accredited by the province, should deliver employable skills.


Ways to Make Extra Money

You probably know about part time jobs standard to every student, but did you know you can also take your skills to freelance? If you’re computer savvy, you can take what you learned in your IT courses and offer people, for a fee, technical help with everything from setting up a new computer to virus removal. Meanwhile put those web design courses in Toronto to work early by offering people web work. You won’t be able to do or charge as much as someone who finished their studies, but a little knowledge can help with gigs including anything from helping a small business afford a budget website to teaching people how to use email. You can also parlay your school experience into part time work that would otherwise be unavailable, or temping. This will also help you build your portfolio, and at the extreme can turn into something better than a DIY internship.



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