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Advice for Acing your Spring Session

10 FEB 2014

This week, the John Cabot University blog rolls out tips for surviving the spring semester. After December holidays come to a close, students are faced with the stark reality of a return to academia – books, essays, lectures and long hours of study. Re-adjusting to the discipline of school can be daunting, and students are often slow to get moving. The blog post, Advice for Acing your Spring Sessionsympathizes with students, observing that:

Early mornings are here once again, and with them come challenging classes, hours at the library, and those midterm exams that creep up far too quickly…

The truth is that keeping an eye on approaching academic deadlines is your best bet for avoiding unwanted stress when you study abroad in Rome. Having the foresight to plan ahead and make sure you’re prepared for when those deadlines start looming means that you won’t get buried under a pile of work at the last minute. Keep a list of all of your assignments and their due date, and be sure to have a calendar around that has the dates for all of your projects clearly marked.

The post aptly points out that advice for surviving the spring term usually focuses on staying on top of homework and vigilantly attending lectures – while neglecting to mention that a substantial amount of stress is generated by missing important deadlines. Often, school officials are unwilling to extend final dates for applications submissions, and as the academic year comes to end, there is crucial planning to be done for what comes next. For some students, it is summer school applications, while for others it is looking ahead to a career after graduating. No matter the intention, a spring smooth session demands a very close look at the university calendar.