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Advantages of Pursuing a Business Degree Online

21 NOV 2014
Career Path : Administration

Online business degreeMany people believe that you never really stop being a student, because you’ll continue to learn something new every day for the rest of your life. However, if you’re someone who would prefer to direct this perpetual learning in a marketable way while looking after a family or working full time – then an online business degree could be your ideal pathway to a more rewarding career.

As technology continues to conquer the world, it’s no surprise that an increasing number of students seek higher education online – in fact, the majority of schools in Canada and the US are offering more online MBA programs than ever before! What’s even more interesting is that in just the past two years, enrollment in online programs has soared, doubling that of full-time, on-campus programs. There are many advantages that come with pursuing a degree online, continue reading to find out why this just might be best option for you.

Convenience & Flexibility

Attending full-time classes (which are normally scheduled during the day) might conflict with your work schedule—and it’s not as though you can simply quit your job to attend school. You’ve got bills to pay, responsibilities to fulfil and perhaps even children to take care of.  Unfortunately, dropping all of those duties to attend daily lectures just isn’t an option for most people. Online degree programs offer the flexibility that students need to complete their education without stopping everything else. Although keeping track of your own learning does demand quite a bit of self-motivation, a little commitment goes a long way and will work wonders for your future career in business.

Accessible Assistance

Though your professors may not be able to provide in-person help they would on-campus, you’ll still be able to get the educational assistance you need online – and probably a lot quicker. Nowadays, everyone has access to their emails via cell phones or other mobile devices. This means that if you need help with an assignment, sending a quick email to your professor, or even a (virtual) classmate, will likely get you a response within a few hours. And of course, communicating virtually is definitely more convenient than trying to schedule a meeting in-between your classes and your professors’ office hours!

Marketable Skills

While pursuing your MBA online will provide you with all of the basic business skills that you would gain from an on-campus program—accounting, statistics, report writing, business strategy, etc.—you will also have the added benefit of gaining a variety of other skills that are essential to any business environment. You’ll be responsible for your own work—there will be no professor scolding you for handing in an assignment in late—which will force you to become more independent, meet deadlines and manage your time wisely. And your comfort level on the computer and using the internet will skyrocket, earning you valuable tech skills that will increase your competitive edge on the market.

Financial Savings

On-campus MBA programs can be quite expensive, with costs ranging between $40, 000 and $110, 000, or more for a regular two-year term (depending on the school and location). Pursuing an online business degree, however, is typically a lot less costly. Additionally, without the added expense and time-crunch associated with commuting, you’ll have more time – and more resources – to devote to yourself or your family.