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The Advantages of Hiring a Wedding Planner

31 JAN 2013
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A wedding is a lot of planning. It can cost tens of thousands of dollars (in fact the average is between $20K-$30K) and employ a small army of staff for a one day event. A whole industry has grown up around catering to the various needs of weddings, including specially trained organizers. These may be graduates of an event management school, and there’s a good reason why. There may be months of work leading up to a particularly large affair, and since most people only have one wedding in a lifetime they have little practice with this sort of thing. Wedding planners cost extra money, but a good one pays it back with their expertise.


The Consultation

Before a couple chooses to employ a wedding planner, they may meet for a first consultation. This can be a reality check if the engaged couple isn’t planning realistically, but also a chance to find out if the person they want to employ suits them.  The wedding planner, in turn, will get a chance to show off their skills and background. For a couple on a budget, go straight to your city’s event management school. Fresh graduates won’t have built up the complete range of contacts of a veteran, but they’ll still be able to do a great job.


Planning It Out

With your wedding planner, you need to share your budget and what you’d like to see. Your job is still the big things, but they take care of smaller details and they can help you decide on everything from a colour scheme to picking the music, which depending on your budget, could be hiring a string quartet or finding someone with gear and DJ training. You’ll also get their help in choosing a venue. The wedding planner will have probably seen the insides of many of the popular locations. They will have also sampled the best dishes from the catering companies you’re thinking about, and their experience will make sure you don’t waste food.


The Big Day

The best part of having a wedding planner is that the day of your actual wedding you don’t have to lift a finger.  It’s the wedding planner who does all the running around and coordinating. Got a rip in your dress? It’s the planner with the emergency sewing kit you’ll call on. DJ blows an amp? Off goes the event planner to snag a last minute fill in, from the local sound engineering school. Couples often state what ruined their wedding was having to chase down details when they should have been spending time with friends and family.


It may seem to be a bit of a frivolous investment on an even with a huge final cost, but that’s actually all the more reason to go for it. You wouldn’t spend that much money on anything else without securing an expert, so the wedding planner also helps decide the smartest use for your cash.



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