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What Does it Take to be an Administrative Assistant?

27 JAN 2013
Career Path : Administration

What kind of personal qualities are required to build a successful career in administrative assistance? The qualities needed are not complicated but they are absolutely essential to have when it comes to this career choice. Read on to see if these main attributes describe you, and if they do, don’t hesitate to enrol in an administrative assistant course!


An administrative assistant will work in the offices of a business or organization where their unique skills will be of assistance in helping that business or organization run perfectly smooth. An administrative assistant course will require that its students come to the program with incredible organizational and language skills. This is because the workload of an administrative assistant professional is to compile, verify, record, and process various forms and documents. This includes applications, agreements and letters, which must all, be in accordance with the established procedures, guidelines and schedules of the business or organization one is working for. If documents are misplaced or lost due to a lack of organization, this will certainly disrupt the flow of business. Likewise, misspelled or poorly written documents will reflect poorly on the reputation of the business or organization.


An administrative assistant will be required to be able to work two ways. As they are an integral part of the team of workers for a given business or organization, they must be able to effectively interact with others and get along. However, the majority of tasks will need to be completed by the person themselves at their desk, so the ability to work with little supervision is essential. An administrative assistant course will certainly touch upon this aspect through its courses.


An administrative assistant cannot complete their work without working on computers, thus one must thoroughly enjoy working with and learning new computer software. Some of the software taught in an administrative assistant course includes:

  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Windows

In addition to these computer software courses, an administrative assistant course will also offer

  • basic bookkeeping courses
  • business correspondence courses
  • business math courses
  • customer service skills
  • courses in office procedures

A skilled administrative assistant is always in great demand by both large corporations and small independent businesses. There isn’t one industry sector that doesn’t require staff with strong office and software related skills. There is never anything to lose with an administrative assistant course. You can apply for a job in all industry sectors!