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Administrative Assistant Careers – A Modern Overview

11 APR 2014
Career Path : Administration

Entering the world of an administrative assistant is as wide and varied as the workplace. Often the first voice a customer hears, or the first person a customer sees is the administrative assistant. Likewise, the administrative assistant is a person that people within the business go to when they need something done. Attention to detail, discretion and organizational ability all add to the interesting mix that makes a valuable administrative assistant.

The capable administrative assistant is usually a whiz when it comes to word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and website software programs. Administrative assistants should also have effective communication skills as they often interact with the general public, vendors, and customers.

Employers need reliable administrative professionals who can handle private or sensitive corporate and personal information and keep the information confidential. Because of the varied duties, companies are looking for people who have a certain skill set and have had administrative assistant training.

Training for Administrative Assistants

For only the most basic entry level positions, high school graduates with computer skills and general office training will meet the requirements. However, many employers require additional training. Online, community or vocational schools offer programs or classes that will help the administrative assistant to become more competent. Examples include business information, software program training, general office procedures, maintenance of web sites, business courtesy and bookkeeping or accounting.

Successful administrative assistant training depends on finding programs that specialize in the individual’s interest. Specific fields, such as medical or legal, require additional preparation in order to learn the terminology and procedures of those fields. Executive administrative assistants frequently have several years of experience and many have college degrees.

Employment for Administrative Assistants

Administrative assistants find jobs within numerous industries including education, medical, legal and virtual offices. Some administrative assistants work for multiple supervisors, while others work for a specific department within the company such as Human Resources, Program Development, Accounting, Sales, or Legal. The administrative professional in these departments would most likely report to a supervisor or manager.

Job Responsibilities for Administrative Assistants

Below is a list of tasks that many professionals in the administrative assistant role provide as they conduct the day to day activities of a business, executive, or department”

  • Composing business correspondence using specific software packages for email, spreadsheets, presentations, faxing and word processing
  • Receiving and directing incoming telephone, email, and fax messages to appropriate staff member
  • Processing files, both data and physical

The Importance Factor

Because the administrative assistant will have exclusive insights into the company, many a wise executive depends upon this professional for straight honest answers when needed. Companies are searching for people who can complete the daily office tasks in an organized manner, and administrative assistant training can prepare you for this.

It may sound easy, but unless the individual in charge has great communication, problem solving and critical thinking skills, that office will face pandemonium. The good administrative assistant allows the office to run smoothly and effortlessly, which in turn, allows a great work place for everyone.

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