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Adding a Twist of Oakville to Your Outdoor Event

15 AUG 2012
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Oakville is a charming town filled with historical landmarks, museums, heritage trails and a bustling downtown area. Needless to say, there are many options one can choose from when throwing an event in Oakville, most importantly, venue and music. Here are two options that will make your event both memorable and very Oakville-esque.

Sugar Cabin

Dating all the way back to the early 1800s, the sugar shack has become a standing emblem of Canadian tradition. Situated in maple tree forests, sugar shacks welcome tourists and locals all year round to partake in what is known as ‘sugaring off,’ a ritual where people collect and eat pure maple syrup straight from the trees.

Depending on the season, the maple syrup that is collected may be served in a variety of ways. In winter, for example, drops (approximately two tablespoons worth) of hot maple syrup are poured on top of a blanket of fresh clean snow and are then quickly twisted off with a popsicle stick. The coldness of the snow hardens the syrup, and thus becomes quite easy to maneuver onto the stick. In warmer seasons, the maple syrup is integrated into several different breakfast recipes, including eggs, pancakes, roasted potatoes and pig ears (a Quebec favorite).

Although a forest hardly seems like an appropriate venue for an event, rest assured that many sugar shacks are equipped with quaint reception halls and accommodating terrain for people to host parties. In fact, it is quite common for people to rent out a sugar shack for birthday parties, anniversaries, corporate retreats and even weddings. With a sugar shack located just 30 minutes outside the Oakville area, it makes for a very unique and memorable venue to throw a party. The event itself will be more on the relaxed and easy-going side rather than the fancy, chic side. But still, much fun will be had!


Oakville Wind Orchestra

Music is one of the most important elements of a good party. Typically people are stuck on whether they should opt for a band or a DJ, or, as more recently, an iPod. But if you’re planning a corporate event in Oakville, you may want to consider hiring the Oakville Wind Orchestra. The OWO is a 40-50 piece ensemble that carries with it a very distinct and big sound. The musical outfit been around for decades, and is famous for their performances in local parks and other outdoor areas. The best part is that OWO performs at private functions. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding in Oakville, you may want to consider the OWO as your musical headliners.

These are just two ways to give your outdoor event a special Oakville twist!

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