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Know Here How Accuracy is the Key Factor for Italian Translation

1 AUG 2013
Career Path : Miscellaneous

The English and Italian language share a lot of commonalities – most words from both languages are derived from Latin and the letters of both languages are the same. However, there is a striking difference in grammar and verb tense.

The striking difference in the verb tenses is that the Italian language has five verb tense forms and it doesn’t have perfect tenses like the English which leads to some errors. In addition, in English, the meaning of a clause is largely dependent on the order of words in it (typically Subject Verb Object) but the Italian language has more variations. These differences can result in non-standard syntax of Italian learners of English.

Since there is quite a difference in sentence syntax and grammar, some technical Italian translation will be quite difficult. However, for your Italian translation needs, there are always translations agencies that offer Italian Translation Services.

Professional translators dedicate their lives in looking into technical terms used by industries and continually do their research looking for words that will fit a sentence best. The research put into this is hard because there are a lot at stake – mistakes are preferably out of the question.

It would be preferable if the agency would have a specific specialty because every industry has its own terminology. Some words are defined completely different in some fields and are sometimes the key words in the document. It is important to translate a word using the accurate term in the specific field with which the translated document is dealing.

For a good translation, even ordinary words must be placed correctly. With grammar difference such as in English and Italian, it will be quite difficult to put in words correctly.  In legal documents, a misinterpretation might help in losing a lawsuit, in marketing a waste of money, and in medical documents it might cost a limb or a life.

Document translation is fast becoming one of the most sought-after jobs but you must be wary of hiring people who offer Italian translation for a small fee. Knowledge and skills come in a hefty sum so it’s better to spend a bit just as long as there is accuracy in translation.

An agency that is able to guarantee loyalty and confidentiality should be employed. Since these documents are of utmost importance, information found on the documents should be kept between the translator and the client.